Martyr Sozon of Cilicia (208/304)


He began life as a pagan shepherd in Lycaonia. Coming to faith in Christ, he was baptized and received the name Sozon (“Save”). Thereafter he took every opportunity to proclaim the Gospel to his countrymen and to urge them to give up their idols.

Entering a temple of Artemis in Cilicia, he cut off its golden hand, broke it into pieces, and distributed the gold to the poor. When he learned that because of this some were being punished unjustly for theft, he gave himself up to the governor Maximian.

He was beaten to death with rods, by some accounts in 288, by others in 304.

Troparion — Tone 4

O Martyr Sozon, you pledged your life to God, / Enduring the contest and becoming a sharer in Christ’s passion. / Save from temptation those who cry to you: / “Glory to him who strengthened you! / Glory to him who crowned you! / Glory to him who through you works healing for all!”

Kontakion — Tone 2

Let us gather today and together sing to Sozon, / the true and divinely wise martyr, / an expert fighter for the faith, / the mystical seer of divine grace, / a generous provider of healing, / who prays to Christ God for us all.


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